In the past twenty years or so, I've slowly become aware that there are other realities besides this one.  There's something far greater than what my physical body, and even my own mind, experiences. Most of these experiences I had during what's normally called a dream, but these dreams aren't simply ones made up by my subconscious.  They are far more real.

Over the last several years, I've had these experiences in waking life, mostly during meditations, and I've learned to extract a lot of wisdom from them.  Some hint at other lives that I've had, the experiences of which have carried over into my current life and have shaped a lot of my personality. They say you can't take anything with you when you die, but while that may be true in the physical sense, it certainly isn't true (for me, at least) in a soul or mind level.

I made an online spiritual blog back in 2013-2014 to document some of these experiences and what, if any, insight I've gained from them.  I plan on updating what has transpired since that time in future blog posts. As a warning, some of the content is disturbing. Murder, torture, fun stuff like that. 

These things may contradict your own Truth and what you believe in.  That is completely understandable. I do not ask anyone to believe any of this or bend their Truth to fit my story.

All of these are in my blog under their respective categories, but I'm putting links to them on this page to give them some sense of order and to have them found easily as new blog entries get created. 

The beginning:

Past Lives:

Spiritual Insights:

Soul Awakening:

South Africa Journey (May-June 2014)

Post South Africa  (July 2014-)



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