Soul Awakening: Introduction

In May of 2014, I spent a week in Knysna, South Africa, with spiritual healer Arn “Zingdad” Allingham, as an exclusive client for one of his Spiritual Safaris. My purpose in undergoing this was to heal the remaining blocks within my soul, to awaken to my True Self, the Godspark within me.

I had spent nearly my entire life in such abject loneliness, in such pain and suffering that it had adversely affected my health, both mentally and physically. I found myself at the edge of life, having no desire to continue living in such conditions. I was tired, and tired of being tired, and I had reached the point where I desired true healing, on a soul level.

I had spent a couple of years before that working with Arn, uncovering several past lives and healing the suffering and pain originating from them, pains that I have carried forward into my present experience. I also gained tools that allowed me to journey inwards myself and uncover additional blocks, insights, and experiences. These can be read about on my Spiritual Journey page.

Around March of 2014, about a month after Arn posted about his Spiritual Safaris, I got the strong sense that I had uncovered and unblocked everything that I could without facing the core pain, the major blocks, that kept me separated from Myself, from God. I could live the rest of my life with the healing that I had done up until this point, but that I couldn't go any further without addressing this. It dawned on me that the Spiritual Safari was exactly what I needed to face this, and that the deep, exclusive one-on-one interaction with Arn was paramount to this success.

Funny enough, when I arrived there, Arn told me that his work as a healer had reached the point where he needed to address the Shadow aspect of a person...the part of Self that schisms when major trauma occurs. He had the strong sense that the first deep insight into this would be his work with me.

What neither of us realized is just how right we both were. The journey we undertook to discover the story of my Life, of Me, took on a life of its own, twisting and turning in a way that, with no exaggeration, rivaled the best fiction I had ever encountered, including my own!

As for the process, Arn asked me after I signed up what my goals were. When I told him I wished to heal my blockages and connect with my Godself, he then admitted he had to throw away what he originally intended to use because this interaction would require complete flexibility, 'winging it' and trusting that the information we would need to proceed would be made known to us.

Again, we had no idea how correct his intuition was. With the exception of the first day, each subsequent session we had simply started with what information and insights we had learned from the previous, and, like the best adventure games, took us on a clue-by-clue ride to reach our goal. Arn's skills as a healer shone through these times, as his intuition guided him on questions to ask and advice to give for me to do.

What this meant is that every session (with the exception of the first day's), had me either lying down in my bed or sitting up. We would set a goal for the session, and then after a brief induction into meditation (closing my eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and relaxing my body), we would start the journey.

What happened in the journey and the tools Arn and I used to heal and extract information varied. At times, I would have to slow him down, because he would tell me to visualize something, and I would encounter a block or a problem that would need addressing.

This encountering of blocks happened quite a lot, actually. Arn and I would pick a direction, and then some thought would enter my head that wouldn't go away, or I would notice some pain in my body that distracted me, and I quickly learned that the more I ignored these, the less I was able to concentrate on the session.

However, every single time we addressed them, we eventually got to where we wanted to go. These blocks held some wisdom, healing, or information that was needed in order to proceed. This, along with Arn's encouragement, is how I learned to trust the process, letting go of the need to control how I got to my goal.

As time went on, my own healing skills began to increase, and I even held sessions by myself in the evenings. I had a strong urge to make notes on what happened during my journey, and I am honored to share my story with you.

Some of things I encountered may be disturbing, just to warn you. Other things may contradict your own Truth and what you believe in. That is fine, as I do not ask anyone to believe any of this or bend their Truth to fit my story.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can email me at

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